Specialisti atelier pentru industria petrolului si gazelor

4 august 2022 12:50   Locuri de Munca   Bucuresti   41 afisari

59 lei / 11 €

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Localitate: Bucuresti
Preț: 59 lei

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Nivel de experienta Junior
Nivel studii Studii medii
Abilitati necesare Requirements: Romanian citizenship; Degree (university or college, highschool ) in mechanical, electrical or oil & mining engineering, or a related field; Basic knowledge of electrical engineering or oil production; Knowledge of MS Office, Excel, PPT, etc; Romanian language; Ability to communicate effectively with customers, visitors, contractors and other employees.
Adresa companie Bucuresti, autostrada Pitesti, in sat Dragomiresti.
Descrierea companiei Novomet is a dynamic and continually developing innovative company. Using cutting-edge technologies, Novomet produces artificial lift equipment for meeting production challenges and provides full-complex services including equipment sizing to suit unique well conditions. Competitive advantages of our products: - Energy savings of 20% to 30%; - Highly resistant to corrosion and hydro abrasion; - Compactness. Area of application: - Oil and gas industry.
Viziteaza site-ul:trend-jobs.ro/jobs/workshop-specialists-for-oil-and-gas-industry.

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