Schiuri nordica gransport s7 160 cm & legaturi marker m900 eps

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500 lei / 101 €

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Localitate: Timisoara
Preț: 500 lei

Schiuri Nordica GranSport S7
160 cm
R 14,5 m
energy frame comp
designed in Italy
legaturi Marker M900 EPS
25-95 kg
2,5 - 9
260-365 mm speed point
dual direction technology
Twincam heel
EPS (Edge Pressure System)
Biometric Toe Cups
Recommended Skier Weight 55-210 lbs
Best Use: Downhill Skiing
Skill Level: Intermediate
Adjustment Range: Unlimited
Weight Range: 55 - 210 pounds
Marker M900 EPS bindings provide developing skiers an effective combination of protective and performance-enhancing features.
The Marker M900 EPS ski binding comes with the best in safety systems from Marker, the M900 is designed with a Twincam heel that is made with a unique soft-entry feature, resulting in a quick and easy step-in system. The EPS (Edge Pressure System) that distributes the pressure to the ski in a more even force between the toe and the heel resulting in clearer carving, better edgehold, improved stability and ski control. Not only that but Marker has also fitted this system with a Biometric programmed upward release, in which four to five millimeters of lateral movement and release is all but certain.
Biotech upward-release system reduces forces working against the skier's joints and bones even before the boot exits the system
Mechanically operating toe cups respond to the complex dynamics of backward- and forward-twisting falls, allowing boot to exit the system efficiently
Edge Pressure System equalizes the force between the toe and the heel for cleaner carving, better edge hold and improved stability
Marker's lightweight Compact Heel offers optimum performance and easy step-in/step-out convenience